Medications & more directly from your vet



Ask your vet if they use OurVet.Shop®

What do we do?

OurVet.Shop is your vet practice's own home delivery and subscription platform, letting pet owners order their pet essentials in a safe and convenient way. Whether Rover needs a de-wormer or Mittens needs kidney friendly food you can order what you need directly through your trusted vet.

How does it work?

Your vet will have their own web shop for you to sign up to and shop as you would any other online store. Simply choose the items you want and proceed to checkout through a secure payment portal.

You can also seek setup assistance from your vet as well as receive requests for in-practice collection.

What does this mean for me?

You can get all your pet's needs from food and tick treatments, to prescription medications and treats delivered to your door. Including whether these are part of your pet health plan, or just as single products you want regular orders of.