Your home delivery for your clients 

OurVet.Shop® gives your practice the ability to offer clients an easy & secure way to reorder their pets' medication, products & services for delivery or collection.

This service is available to every practice no matter what practice management system you use, or which pet health plan provider you're with. You're certainly not limited to specific brands of products or manufacturers, with access to a full inventory of foods and products - without having to stock them in practice. OurVet.Shop® can also be used as a one-off secure payment system for other services, such as video consultations or credit controlling. 

OurVet.Shop® is tailored to you. Not only branded to your practice and personalised to your clients, we give you full control on over product pricingdelivery costs for clients and how you want to manage health plan clients. 


What's more, we pay you twice monthly. 

How does it work?

OVS_Reorder_icon Client clicks on a reorder link from a treatment reminder, or completes a new customer form, requesting their products.
OVS_RX_Check_icon Requests are fed into the Hub where the vet verifies the prescription and submits the order
OVS_Payment_icon We'll take the payment from the client via our safe and secure payment gateway
OVS_Delivery_icon We arrange dispatch to the client's home, or provide you with all the information for collection from the practice