Our flexible solution allows you to create a service that's just right for your practice and your clients.


No need to compromise!


You control the product catalogue 

You're not limited to particular products or manufacturers, including parasiticides, pet food and chronic medications

Payment for telemedicine

It can be used to take other payments for other services such as video or telephone consultations


 Define pricing & mark ups

You determine your retail prices, mark-ups and client delivery costs, including any free delivery options (e.g. PHP clients)

PMS or PHP provider

It's available to ALL practices, no matter what computer system or PHP provider you use


Tailored to your practice brand

OurVet.Shop® will be branded for your practice with your brand colours.  Tailored marketing collateral available.


No client subscription required

Flexibility of one-off ordering (don't need to subscribe to 12 months). They can save their payment details for faster checkout


Home delivery & collection

Allows you to offer clients both home delivery and collection services, including pre-payment which is perfect for curb side collection during COVID-19

No hidden message costs

All digital client communications (SMS & email) related to the order are included

World class payment gateway

Quick, easy and secure payments and clients can save their payment details for faster checkout in future

4 ways to order

Clients can order direct from the treatment reminders, practice website, other practice communications or direct with practice (telephone / at reception)


We pay you twice monthly

We know how important cashflow is, so we'll make twice monthly transfers into your account

Seamless integration with iRecall®

To enhance practice workflow, we seamlessly integrate with iRecall® parasiticide reminders


Easy workflow via secure Hub

Manage and track all your orders (both Home delivery & Collection) via our specially designed workflow in the secure Virtual Recall Hub. And you can measure your success via downloadable reports

Manages on and off PHP customers

Flexibly manages reorders for customer who are on a Health plan and those that aren't.