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Retain your Pet Health Plan members

Claire Pritchard

Marketing Manager | Content writer | Event organiser

On average, almost a quarter of new joiners drop out within 3 months and the average lifespan of a client 'on plan' tends to be less than two years. Charlie Barton talks to us about how we can 'Pimp our Pet Health Plans' with best practice on how to concentrate on not only new sign-ups but focus on retention.


Pet health plans are a focus for the vast majority of practices, but most hit the ceiling in terms of penetration and also battle attrition.

With an average of almost a quarter of new joiners dropping out within 3 months, and, the average lifespan of a client ‘on plan’ tends to be less than two years - we know that a good PHP is hugely beneficial to pets, clients and the practice; a win-win all around.

In this session, Virtual Recall's Charlie Barton will encourage you to not just concentrate on new sign up numbers, but really focus on retention, explaining why you should be doing this, and best practices on how it can be done, without lifting a finger. 


Catch-up on Charlie's talk 'Pimp up your Health Plan'


This video was recorded at the SPVS-VMG Congress which brought us stimulating and pioneering CPD content from speakers within the veterinary profession and beyond, such as Clare Balding and our very own Charlie Barton.

  • Most practices' Health plans hit a ceiling in terms of penetration and are also battling attrition.
  • A quarter of new joiners drop out within 3 months and the average lifespan of a client ‘on plan’ tends to be less than 18months.
  • Charlie outlines the key intervention points in the customer journey and how to put in place proactive, personalised communications to increase penetration & retention.
  • There are also top tips on simplifying your plan & getting your team on board.

Sit back and enjoy, then share with colleagues!

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