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Dropshipping with OurVet.Shop®

Emily Jeeves

Marketing Assistant

What is Dropshipping?


It’s not unheard-of for vet practices to struggle with finding space to store products or battle with the on-going task of keeping enough stock in storage, whilst preventing waste from out-of-date products. Not to mention the time it takes for staff to manage the stock itself.


Virtual Recall’s newest solution, OurVet.Shop® utilises the dropshipping fulfilment method to elevate these potential issues and allow practices to offer a wider range of pet products for their customers to choose from.


Dropshipping is a term used to describe a retail fulfilment method, where the seller does not have to store the stock or handle the products directly. A business providing dropshipping, instead, would purchase the item directly from a third party (usually a wholesaler or manufacturer) and have it delivered directly to the customer.


Dropshipping removes the need to order and hold stock, allows customers to order from a larger catalogue of products, and reduces the risk of products being out of stock as wholesalers and manufacturers have greater storage capacities.


The OurVet.Shop® Dropshipping Order Process


OurVet.Shop® is a home delivery service for veterinary practices. It provides your clients with an easy and secure way to purchase products and have them delivered straight to their door. You, the vet practice, can control your product catalogue, choosing which products you want to make available to your customers. OurVet.Shop® gives you access to over 2,000 SKUs and provides flexibility on delivery costs and pet health plan charges. 

So, how does it work?

    1. Clients will click on the order form in their treatment reminder email or on your website and choose the products they would like to order. This could range from on-going medications, preventative treatments, and pet food.
    2. The order request is sent to the OurVet.Shop® ordering system, where you can verify prescriptions and submit the order.
    3. Payment is taken from the client through the OurVet.Shop® secure platform and the order request is sent directly to the wholesaler (dropshipping fulfilment).
    4. The requested products are delivered straight to the clients’ doors or to the practice for collection. Despite being shipped directly from the wholesaler, your vet practice name and branding will still appear on the delivery. Each order will also be personalised to the clients’ pets, upholding your relationship between practice and patient.

View the video below to find out more.



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5 Benefits of Dropshipping with OurVet.Shop®

    1. Less capital and storage required
      Possibly one of the biggest benefits of dropshipping is that it’s possible to grow your product offering without having to tie up vast amounts of capital in purchasing inventory.

      Dropshipping eliminates this part of the retail fulfilment process, meaning your practice only needs to spend when a client does. There is no need for upfront costs, only an on-going revenue stream. Dropshipping also frees up space in your practice, so you only store items that have already been purchased for collection, guaranteeing all products are put to use.

    2. Reduces staff workload
      With managing stock and only taking payments in practice a thing of the past, your staff can focus their time on providing the best animal healthcare possible. Your front of house staff will have more time to look after customer enquiries rather than packing orders, which in turn can lead to improved client relationships and a stronger Net Promoter Score for your practice if those clients leave reviews.

      Find out more about the importance of your NPS 

    1. Wide selection of products on offer
      As all products on offer will be despatched directly from the wholesaler, your practice is able to offer a wider range of products for sale. As an OurVet.Shop® customer you can choose from:

      • Parasiticides: 434 products
      • Medications: 252 products
      • Pet food: 1,552 products

    1. Increased flexibility
      In these continually changing times, providing flexibility for your business and your clients is a key. Dropshipping with OurVet.Shop® can provide your practice with an on-going revenue stream even when your doors are closed. Clients will be able to order and securely pay for products at any time of day or week though your OurVet.Shop® online standard order form. The OurVet.Shop® order system can also be managed from any location, should any of your staff need to work from home.

      Fulfilling orders for home delivery or practice collection provides your clients with options for reordering depending on their circumstances. Home delivery means clients can still receive the best healthcare for their pets from the safety of their own home, but with the option of practice collection, they can also pop in if they choose.

    1. Easy to get started
      Our Support Team are on hand to get your set up with your OurVet.Shop® platform and will take you through all the necessary training for the order system. It doesn’t matter what PMS your practice uses or which pet health plan you offer, OurVet.Shop® will work around you. Using the OurVet.Shop® dropshipping model, you don’t need to worry about:

      • Storing stock or managing storage space
      • Packing or posting your orders
      • Tracking inventory for accounting purposes
      • Continually supervising inhouse stock level and reordering products for sale
      • Only being able to offer in-practice payments

Could OurVet.Shop® and Dropshipping work for you?


Every practice is different, which is why the OurVet.Shop® platform is completely tailored to your brand and personalised to your patients. Clients order directly through your practice, and your practice alone to purchase their pets’ essentials.  

If you’re not already an OurVet.Shop® customer and you’d like to find out more about how the solution could benefit your practice, get in touch with our team today. They are ready and waiting to get you on your way with the dropshipping fulfilment method. 


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